Frequently Asked Questions - Special Abilities Group

Maintained by Matthew and Pauline (for SAG)

Last updated : 5th March 2002

What is Dual Exceptionality?

Dual Exceptionality is a rare combination of profound ability with disability, or impairment (physical, sensory or both in extreme cases). Sometimes people have dyslexia as a separate learning impairment with a high IQ. The majority of our members however, have physical impairments (usually genetic), with extremely high IQ. Some 99.9% and above. We have one or two globally gifted children.

What does “globally gifted” mean?

Globally giftedness is rare. It means equally high scores across the range of the IQ spectrum.

What do you feel about integrating with other groups for gifted children?

We are happy to do so, if our needs, and our members needs are accommodated. This rarely happens, not because people don't want to - Some of our members have complex physical disabilities, traveling can be problematic and so they prefer to work online.

Are your children / young people tested by educational psychologists?

Yes, always.

Why have a separate organisation? Can’t the system cater for you?

No, unfortunately. We are a minority group within a minority group. We have been forced to operate as a self help group for many years now. As of March 2002, there is no official policy for "Dual Exceptionality" people in Britain, or as far as we aware - in Europe. We get the occasional mention in the literature for the gifted, and it is the occasional.

What can you provide for my Dual Exceptionality child / young person?

As a Dual Exceptionality group, run by Dual Exceptionality people, we profile each individual member using a system we devised ourselves. Each profiling session takes two hours. We provide emotional support, most people that come to us say that they felt alone - we contacted the various organisations for the gifted, but we never met anyone in our situation. We buy in expertise, as required from individual Mensians (and others.) Sometimes expertise is donated.

I can’t afford to pay an educational psychologist – What do I do?

Please explain your situation to the webmaster (MJSOS@aol.com) and funding will be provided. Nobody is turned away, regardless of their finances.

How do you get your funding?

We market our disability (our weakness). We are human, and believe that high ability, on it's own, is unmarketable - it evokes jealousy and misunderstandings. Our constitution is deliberately INCLUSIVE.

Do you have contact with other organisations for the gifted?

Yes, we most certainly do. Our members belong to other organisations for the gifted, including NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children), CHI (Children of High Intelligence), Mensa, International Mensa, a very close working relationship with the Donegal Gifted children's organisation in Ireland (with members North and South) and last but not least : ISPE (International Society for Philosophical Enquiry) which is an adult organisation, (top 99.9% and above.)

What is your membership criteria?

We have three levels of membership :

  • a) Full member - dual exceptionality individual
  • b) Associate member - able bodied, gifted and / or talented individual
  • c) Associate member - disabled and / or sensory impaired, with a wish to develop a skill or talent

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