Linkability was set up in 2001 as part of a Saying Power award with money from the Millennium Commission, which was administered by Save the Children. We work with a variety of young people who are disabled and / or have a high IQ. The site gives people with Dual Exceptionality and other ‘gifts’ the chance to create dialogue with each other in a safe and though provoking medium.

The term “Special Abilities” was originally intended as a reworking of the term “Special Needs,” with an emphasis on the different abilities of those with special needs. However, I now realise that some may think we’re trying to style ourselves as Super People. This, we are not. I have tried to create a forum for like-minded people to come together and discuss what it means to have ‘special needs’ and what opportunities it can bring.

The Science Fiction author Philip K Dick said that science fiction about mutants tended to be a “power phantasy for neurotic people.” Personally I enjoy mutant science fiction like the X-Men films, the latter of which have been more self-aware about the potential neuroticism of their content. The name “Special Abilities Group” is not supposed to be styled on mutant literature. However, it may change at some point in the future to avoid any potential confusion. For the moment it will remain the same for continuity reasons.

Here is a list of some books that I have found helpful over the last few years

books which I’ve found useful for promoting a mindset that avoids prejudice

Many Rivers to Cross: relevant to racism

Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus: gender intelligence

Great books on sleep, how to improve sleep quality and early rising

Tired but Wired
– Steve Pavlina is a keen early riser. You can get a Kindle version of his book “The Power of Sleep” which explains strategies for early rising. Early Rising
– (Search for “Snooze Academy” on Google)

Look up Early to Rise on Google, try to find their Advanced Early
Riser program

Eldon Taylor’s InnerTalk brand of subliminal CDs includes a sleep
reduction program

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